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Fire Alarm System Installation

& Wiring Electrician Near Me

Having a fire alarm system installed in a building can greatly help in protecting the building and its occupants in case a fire occurs. The fire alarm system installation process should be done in such a way that an alarm can be sent to occupants and responders as soon as a fire is detected. There is a higher likelihood of saving the building and its occupants if the occupants and responders are notified at the earliest opportunity about the outbreak of a fire. If you have tried to search for a fire alarm system installation expert using words such as ‘wiring electrician near me’, you should not bother yourself with any further searches. This is because you can get dependable help from Wilcox & Dyer, LLC - Electrical Contractor.

At Wilcox & Dyer, LLC, we provide all kinds of wiring and related services that are required in buildings. For instance, we do electrical wiring as part of the construction process of a building. We also install different kinds of electrical systems in residential and commercial buildings. Fire alarm system installation is one of our key areas of specialization. We install all the different types of fire alarm systems that are available on the market. These include ionization alarm systems, photoelectric alarm systems, and those that combine the use of ionization and photoelectric technologies. We enhance the efficiency of fire alarm systems by installing them in strategic places where they can detect even the slightest amount of smoke or fire. More importantly, we always check the systems that we install to ensure that they do not produce false alarms. 

We serve Portland, MI and all the adjacent areas such as Ionia and Lansing. Therefore, if you have used phrases like ‘wiring electrician near me’ while looking for a technician in Portland or nearby to help you install a fire alarm system, please contact Wilcox & Dyer, LLC. Read more about us at

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