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Electrical Services

& Electrician Near Me

Are you in need of a company that provides electrical services? Have you searched for a reliable firm by typing words such as ‘electrician near me’? If your answer to any or both of these questions is in the affirmative, you should not be worried. There is no need for you to worry because Wilcox & Dyer, LLC - Electrical Contractor can help you with all types of electrical installation, repair and maintenance services. Wilcox & Dyer, LLC - Electrical Contractor is an organization that is committed to delivering services that not only satisfy customers’ needs but also meet all quality and safety standards.

We understand how important electrical installations are to any building. We know that in order for different types of equipment to function properly, they must be installed properly. Additionally, all wiring and other kinds of systems that make it possible for people to use electricity in buildings must be installed in the correct way. It is for this reason that we provide services such as wiring and installation of distribution boards while adhering to all the necessary standards. These standards pertain to the procedures used in the installation of different components such as wires, circuit breakers, sockets, and meter boxes. The standards also pertain to the types of materials that are used to do any kind of electrical installation or repair work. We are always keen to use the correct types of materials and do all jobs professionally. 

We are located in Ionia, MI and serve all the nearby areas including Portland, Lansing, and Sunfield. Therefore, we can conveniently serve you if you are in Ionia or any of the neighboring areas. Contact us if you have tried to find a company that provides electrical services by typing words like ‘electrician near me’ in your search on the Internet. For more details about us, check

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