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Electrical Contractor Near Me

& Electrical Panel Replacement

Are you looking for a contractor that provides electrical panel replacement services? Have you used words such as ‘electrical contractor near me’ in your search on the Internet? Did you know that you can find a highly dependable and professional electrical contractor near you? Yes, if you are in Lansing, MI or nearby, you can depend on Wilcox & Dyer, LLC - Electrical Contractor for all your electrical service needs. Wilcox & Dyer, LLC - Electrical Contractor is a company that provides all kinds of electrical services. These services include electrical wiring, electrical panel installation, electrical panel replacement, electrical troubleshooting, and maintenance and repair of all kinds of electrical systems. You can find more information about the services that we provide on our website,

We are a cut above other electrical contractors because of our special focus on the needs of customers. We understand that customers are always happy when a contractor does the required work well while adhering to quality specifications. Given that we are a certified contractor, all the work that we do meets all the necessary quality standards. And that is not all; we always do our best to meet each customer’s specifications for any type of job that we do. We then use our knowledge to ensure that our customers’ requirements are reflected in the work that we do and that the results comply with the required quality standards. 

We offer the best prices for all our services. We are able to price our services competitively because of our experience and economies of scale given that we serve many customers in Lansing, Sunfield, Ionia, and all the neighboring areas. Therefore, if you have typed words such as ‘electrical contractor near me’ while looking for an experienced electrical contractor that provides affordable services, look no further than Wilcox & Dyer, LLC.

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