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Electrical Repair

Wilcox & Dyer, LLC - Electrical Contractor

Welcome to Wilcox & Dyer, LLC - Electrical Contractor, a leading electrical contractor in Sunfield, MI and all the nearby areas. We provide a wide range of services, which include general electrical installation, panel installation, and electrical repair and maintenance for different types of equipment. Our clients include individuals, commercial entities, federal departments, and industries. We are a highly experienced contractor given that we have been in operation for several decades. In addition, because we serve a wide range of clients, we are able to do different types of tasks. As a result, we are highly recommended not only in Sunfield but also in the other areas that we serve such as Lansing, East Lansing, Ionia, and Portland. 

We stand out due to our deep understanding of the details of the work that we do. Notably, our employees who do general service and fitting works are familiar with both new and old technologies. This means that we can comfortably help you to service any kind of equipment that is based on technologies of the past and at the same time help you install and service equipment that uses the latest technology. We also value training in that our employees undergo continuous training to improve their technical and interpersonal skills. Therefore, when you choose us for any kind of work, you will be assured of the best technical services and unrivaled customer service.

We value our customers and work with them as our partners in all the work that we do.  In particular, we closely interact with our clients and focus on establishing lasting relationships with them. More importantly, we always take our customers’ feedback. Over the years, we have used the feedback that we get to improve our services. Contact us if you need a contractor for services such as electrical repair and panel installation.

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